Where did you get so many sticks?

Years of collecting when playing in college. Collecting these days still takes a while but I’m  able to get a decent amount. In general, it is more challenging.

What about composite shafts?

I’m building more with composite shafts since they are far more ubiquitous. Check out some tips and tricks to building with them at Building Using Composites. Given they are hollow and you can’t use standard woodworking tools, the design and construction differs considerably from wood. I’ll post more project specific changes on those changes as they are built using composites.

How strong/safe are these pieces of furniture?

You can stand on the coffee table and nightstand. I haven’t known anyone to stand on the chair, but it’ll hold. It’s had many a good sit. Everything is very strong. When you build something and have people test it, they always test in ways you didn’t expect. This is a good thing. Don’t be surprised if people are very wary of sitting in the chair at first… there’s just something about chairs where people don’t like being guinea pigs.

How long did it take you to build X?

The answer is all over. It depends on what X is and how many of X I’ve built before, which is why the individual pages don’t list any expected duration to build. I can build a couple wall clocks or puck clocks in an evening since I’ve built a lot. The chair and coffee table take about 2-3 days while the nightstand takes closer to 4-5 days. I’ve only built one nightstand.

Do you do custom builds?

I have done and enjoy doing custom items. Please send me an email and I’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you! glenn [at] hockeystickbuilds dot com.

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