Who are you?

I’m an aerospace/electrical engineer who has been building stuff out of hockey sticks for over 17 years. Starting in college, I liked the challenge of trying to build out of sticks while having the end product display good workmanship instead of just screwing down the sticks. I carefully design each item to use only sticks whenever possible and hide all unnecessary hardware. I’ve continued to build this way ever since.

Why are you doing this?

Through my time playing in college, I saw a lot of people making coffee tables out of sticks that always looked second-rate in my opinion. Nail or screw heads were everywhere and I knew it could be done better. I strove to develop functional and aesthetically pleasing designs and learned many lessons along the way. I wanted to help others get over the learning curve and make better furniture by sharing some lessons, designs, and building fundamentals that I’ve successfully used. If you’ve found a better way, please let me know! Today, I continue to create new designs that showcase the sport we love while displaying quality design and craftsmanship.

Do you build these things on your own?

Mostly. All the designs and just about all the work is done by me. Occasionally, I’ll consult experts for help in bouncing around design ideas (or adding an extra set of hands), guidance in tricky machining techniques, or advice in composite material machining.

Why only hockey sticks for so many designs? It’s kind of nuts.

The fact that the designs use only sticks is where the truly creative and cool factor comes in. Once you start building, you’ll see that there are lots of different ways you can use other materials to accomplish what you’re doing with only sticks with a lot less effort; but, it won’t be nearly as neat or inspiring.

Custom Builds

Interested in getting something custom built? Send me an email at the address below or fill out the form on the Contact page.

Questions, comments, suggestions:
glenn [at] hockeystickbuilds dot com

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