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Welcome to Building with Hockey Sticks

Hockey Stick Builds is the launch point for you to design and create your own hockey stick furniture or other creations! You’ve got a pile of sticks and you don’t know what to build or where to start. I’ll show you what I’ve built and how I’ve built it which will enable you to start on something of your own. Plenty of websites and individuals will only build hockey stick products for you; here you can learn how to build it yourself.

Where do I start?

Check out Building and Building Using Composites. It’ll get you started by showing you the right type and size of screws for building, by helping you figure out how to cut sticks effectively, and by giving you tips and tricks to adding time pieces.

What should I build?

Try building a simple item first. In the end it’s all up to you on how it looks and how it’s built, but I’m here to help. I recommend the coffee table because everything is at right angles and any errors are fairly recoverable. If you’re low on sticks, the desk clock is easy and fun. Already have an idea? Read some tips and get to work!

Where do I get sticks?

Collecting. Lots of collecting. Pick up your teammate’s broken sticks, check local hockey rink trash cans, look behind the benches, and near the Zamboni doors. That’s generally where they hide. I’ve gotten pretty good that I’ve got extra! Reach out to me if you need some.

Why are there models?

Models are an easy way to figure out how you’re going to build your furniture or idea without having to risk your stockpile. A wrong cut can spell disaster if you’re really short on sticks or trying to make it aesthetically perfect with no spares. Many of my models were created after construction, but you’d do well to try to model first and then start cutting. You’ll save yourself some heartache. Trust me.

Start exploring, get some ideas, and start building!

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